Sunday, December 10, 2006

Pout gives no reason to pout

I have problems with mascara. I've tried dozens of products but they all seem to leave smudges under my eyes. Unless, I use waterproof and then I end up losing some lashes when I remove it or with Blink's "Kiss Me" (a chemical engineering marvel that's worth trying) by 1 AM, it's flaking and getting in my contacts.

I had plans after work one night last week and admittedly, I wanted to look pretty so I made a lunchtime run to Sephora for some basic supplies. While checking for a travel-size blush from Pout, I asked the brand rep for a mascara suggestion and told her about my smudging problem. She recommended Pout's "Black Eyes." I was skeptical because it had a really skinny wand but she was smudge-free; so, I bought one.

It's been a happy, smudgeless week and it didn't even run with all the watering that my eyes were doing this week due to the wind and cold. I think I'm finally ready to practice some brand loyalty with my mascara.



Anonymous Viv said...

Kiss Me is better for unexpected sleepovers

2:28 PM  
Anonymous Lou said...

In NYC, couldn't you just get mass-scare-a permanently tattooed? Just think of the cost savings..

10:02 PM  

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