Saturday, November 11, 2006

Post Election Day Hangover

Last Tuesday was my first time in a voting booth since I left Cleveland. I wasn't able to vote in CA due to timing issues and when I registered in New York, I did so without entering a party affiliation.

In Cleveland, because of my job, I always knew almost everyone on the ballot. Or at the very least, I knew one person in each race. It made voting pretty easy. I never had to make much of an effort to learn about the issues or a candidate's record, I had to deal with them everyday in the office.

Voting in NYC was a revelation into just how hard it can be to become an informed voter. I have a more than healthy skepticism for the content in campaign commercials/literature, endorsements and media articles... another by-product of my chosen profession. So, I ended up only voting in a few races. What's more disconcerting is that I'm not exactly certain how to ensure that my next trip to the polls will be any better.


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