Sunday, November 26, 2006

A Farewell To Wheels

My most important possession has always been my car. A car has always meant independence, control, escape... If you take away my ability to come and go as I please, I get a little panicky (and as a result... a bit querulous).

Last Friday with my car lease nearing its term, I surrendered my Jetta. My 2003, 5-speed, 1.8 Turbo with heated seats and a stereo system that finally made me understand the value of a good system. It was a beautiful car. It was really the first car that I ever had that was what I wanted, not just what I could afford or what was sensible.

I'm really glad that I took the time for a drive up the PCH to San Francisco while I was in California. The Jetta was made for those kinds of curves... It was pretty good on the straight-a-ways, too.

I'm won't be getting another car because having one in New York has just been a hassle and an expense. I really don't need a car in Brooklyn. I'm a little sad but I haven't felt particularly panicky, yet. Cabs, public transportation, walking... I still have independance, control and a means of escape. However, I do wish that I at least had an old car key to use as sort of a security blanket during this adjustment period...

So... thanks Volkswagen, for four great years and 44,206 fabulous miles. And, thanks to Liz Klopper-Watson at Ganley Westside Imports in North Olmsted, Ohio for leasing me the car. Liz made the selecting and leasing of the vehicle a 100% pain-free experience. And lastly, thanks to Peter at Kings Volkswagen for accepting my car in spite of NY/NJ Volkswagen dealers having no obligation to accept lease returns due to space considerations and in spite of it being a stick-shift (evidently, not a popular feature in Brooklyn).



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