Saturday, July 22, 2006

God bless necessity and people who stick smelly things in their mouths for otherwise we would not have cheese

Le Delice De Bourgogne... the label said "A French triple-cream cheese that is less salty than most. Similar in flavour to Brillat-Savarin. Melts in the mouth with the texture of butter. Made with pasteurized cow's milk."

Forget about descriptions of flavors, textures and ingredients; that's about the greatest understatement that I have ever read.

Le Delice De Bourgogne is like a smug, self-contented sigh after a stellarly, satisfying sexual experience...

Find it (available in Brooklyn at Union Market in Park Slope). Buy it. Enjoy it.


Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Oh in Ohio? Oh, No...

The City of Cleveland has turned up in a few feature films over the last decade and has "impersonated" other locales over the years like Clairton, PA in "the Deer Hunter." The newest Cleveland movie is "Oh in Ohio" with Parker Posey, Heather Graham, Mischa Barton and Danny Devito.

"Oh in Ohio" has the distinction of being the only Parker Posey flick to leave me disappointed. If the film hadn't been shot in my semi-hometown of Cleveland, I would have contemplated walking out. There are so many things lacking in the film that there is little point in enumerating them. The only thing that the film did do right was present Cleveland in a positive manner - - - as a great place to live, work, recreate and operate a business.

If you want to see a good film shot in Cleveland, rent "American Splendor" or "The Antwone Fisher Story." Don't pay full admission for "Oh in Ohio."