Sunday, June 19, 2005

I missed my first earthquake!

The ground has been a little shaky here in southern California for the last week. We even had a tsunami warning for the whole California coast the one night (and yes, the National Broadcast System does really provide more information in the event of a real emergency). The biggest "event" was a 5.2 trembler centered near the San Andreas fault. The effects were felt from LA to San Diego. The news carried a lot of stories of things falling off walls and shelves and people running out-of-doors in case it was "the big one"

Me, I was sitting in my office when it happened, working on my computer. And, in spite of it evidently, scaring the bejesus out of the cafeteria staff and freezing all my coworkers in place as they waited for what might happen next... I didn't notice a damn thing!

My only explanation is that my apartment shakes every time the Metro goes by and perhaps, I've become desensitized? I still don't quite get it; I felt the baby earthquake years ago in Cleveland that cracked the air traffic control tower at Hopkins. How did I not notice this one?

Oh, well. I am assured by everyone here that there will definitely be more opportunities to come.


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