Wednesday, April 13, 2005

PBS sells out/buys in or the most deviously effective plea for donations ever...

The below text is from the March 28th, 2005 newsletter and refers to commercials that will purportedly be airing on PBS.  You can access a link to the commercials at:

Flesh Eating Virus Attacks "Public" Television

Like a flesh eating virus, advertising continues to devour every last morsel of media content forgetting that, one day, it will stand alone, left to consume itself like a black hole nearing a food-induced orgasm as its hunger ravenously overtakes its lifeblood of available content. PBS and Chipotle Mexican Grill are speeding that process with PBS' airing of three, very commercial ad units that intertwine the message with the network's content by spoofing it.

The three spots; one which shows a pledge drive MC drowned out by the sound of ringing telephones as operators gorge on burritos, one which shows an Alistaire Cook look-a-like sign language woman signing incorrectly due to her burrito eating and one which shows a newscast interrupted as the newscaster slips out of frame because the cameraman is, you guessed it, eating a burrito, are the surest sign that public television - already on a long downward spiral into commercialism - has taken one monstrously historic jump over the shark.

Like we wrote years ago, it won't be long before a brand paints a homeowner's house for free as long as the brand can paint a gigantic logo on the front of the house. View the spot here. That is, of course, after you view the TV Guide commercial sponsoring the Chipotle commercial. Is that a sick joke, Ad Age?


Blogger Thomas said...

Do you worry that PBS will be taken over by conservatives as well?

10:18 AM  
Blogger MKM said...

I worry that NPR and PBS are considered "liberal", as opposed to neutral and unbiased in their programing and reporting. - M

2:51 PM  

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